How to Add TimeStamps on Youtube Video

 How to Add TimeStamps on Youtube Video 

What is Youtube TimeStamps?

Youtube timestamps is good feature specially for viewers when viewers click on any video on youtube and watching the video sometime video duration is long up to 30 minutes so then viewers will boar to watch the full video and they know about somethings you showing in the video. So when creator can add a timestamps on video viewers can easily jump to correct place of the video and watch. So the time of viewers will not waste when you add timestamps on your youtube video.

How to Add TimeStamps on Youtube Video?

It's so simple for creators to add timestamps on youtube video go to your YT Studio in select any of video you want to add timestamps. Then click on edit and go the description of the video now simply type the title of timestamps what you talking about in the video then add the correct time of your video for example you are showing how to create a Youtube channel in your video now see the time of your video from which time you start this topic such as you started from 3 minutes and 35 seconds then you have to add after your timestamps title 3:35.

Example: How to create a Youtube channel - 3:35

You can also see the examples on the title image of this post and also you can watch below video. Thanks!

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