How to Increase Roshan Alpha Unlimited Internet Speed

 How to Increase Roshan Alpha Unlimited Internet Speed 

Roshan Alpha Internet

Roshan innounced new internet packages Sims with low price and when you used all data of Alpha internet package then you can use internet free up to one month from activiting the package time. But when you activate 3GB, 5GB or 10GB of data by using this data your internet speed will be in high speed but after this data you can use only 256KB/Per seconds but most of time it's not giving 256KB/Per second only up to 100KB/per second.

How to Speed Up Roshan Alpha Unlimited Internet?

Now how we can increase this unlimited internet speed there is no other way to increase the speed but only one way you can increase the speed of Alpha up to 20% by connecting a VPN. Go to playstore in search for Turbo VPN install this VPN on your phone then connect it after doing this process your internet speed will increase 20%.

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