Earn Money on Ad Networks

Earn Money on Ad Networks

What is Ad Networks?

On internet there is a lot of ad networks giving ads to other websites this is called Ad Networks. Some of the best ad networks such as Google Adsense, Media Net, Adsterra and many more if someone wants to create ads on internet then they need to create an account on any ad network then setup ads and payment method anyone can run there ads on ad networks.

Then ad network share this ads on another websites register with them so by this way website developer can earn money when someone visit to website and ads will show by impressions and ad clicks developer can earn money easily.

Networks doing this work to buy ads from advertisers and then share with Publishers and also one ad network give ad to another ad network.

Google Adsense:

To earn money on internet easiest and best way is to create a blog and then connect with Google Adsense to run adsense ads on your blog more viewers come to your blog you will earn more money.

When more clicks and impression come on your blog then Google Adsense will pay you money. Millions of accounts created on Adsense on this way people earning money.

Why Google Adsense is Best Ad Network?

Creating account on Adsense from any country anyone can create account and earn money and also Adsense payment method is easy to withdraw your money with Wire transfer and check and most of ad networks only PayPal payment available so this the best way to earn money at home.

Second Ad Network Adsterra:

Adsterra is also best for publishers and advertisers also you will get instant approval on Adsterra you can easy earn money with Adsterra ad network. Payment methods of Adsterra is too easy and more ways to withdraw your money such as Wire transfer, PayPal, Crypto Currency Litecoins or Bitcoins and more different ways to withdraw from Adsterra.

How to Create Account on Adsterra?

Go to Adsterra and then Sign up as publisher if you want to add your website now to create account inter your email, password, username fill all required blanks then login to your Adsterra account and click on Add Website you will get instant approval in a minutes. Then click on Add Units step by step after adding all units then copy codes and paste it on your blog you will show Adsterra ads on your blog and you will earn money.

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