Change Facebook Meta Business Suite to Creator Studio

Change Facebook Meta Business Suite to Creator Studio

After Facebook new update for facebook page Creator Studio change to facebook Meta Business Suite now if someone did not like meta business suite and want to use old facebook creator studio to manage facebook page how to change meta business suite to creator studio on facebook. So read this post complete i will show you one of the easiest way to change it and also you can watch video tutorial to change from meta to creator studio.

Navigating the Facebook Ecosystem: Meta Business Suite vs. Facebook Creator Studio

In the ever-expanding universe of social media management tools, two prominent players from Meta (formerly Facebook) have garnered attention: Meta Business Suite and Facebook Creator Studio. Both platforms offer a range of features to streamline content creation, management, and analysis, but they cater to different user needs. Let's explore the key differences between Meta Business Suite and Facebook Creator Studio.

Meta Business Suite:

1. Target Audience:

  • Primarily designed for businesses and marketers managing multiple Facebook and Instagram accounts.

  • Provides a centralized hub for businesses to create, schedule, and analyze content across these platforms.

2. Features:

  • Robust post scheduling capabilities for both Facebook and Instagram.

  • In-depth analytics to track performance and engagement metrics.

  • Unified inbox for managing messages, comments, and interactions across Facebook and Instagram.

3. Integration:

  • Offers seamless integration with other business tools, such as customer relationship management (CRM) software.

  • Designed to be a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to efficiently manage their social media presence.

Facebook Creator Studio:

1. Target Audience:

  • Geared towards content creators, influencers, and individuals managing personal or brand-centric content.

  • Allows users to manage content on Facebook Pages, Instagram accounts, and IGTV.

2. Features:

  • In-depth video insights and performance analytics for content creators.

  • Monetization tools for eligible content creators, enabling them to earn revenue through features like ad breaks and fan subscriptions.

  • Cross-platform content scheduling and publishing for Facebook and Instagram.

3. Integration:

  • Focuses on providing creators with tools to build and monetize their brand on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Includes features like music integration, giving creators access to a vast library of licensed music for their content.

Choosing the Right Platform:

1. Business Focus:

  • Choose Meta Business Suite if you are a business looking for comprehensive social media management, especially if you focus on advertising and analytics.

2. Content Creator's Hub:

  • Opt for Facebook Creator Studio if you are an individual or influencer seeking tools to manage and monetize your content seamlessly across Facebook and Instagram.

3. Monetization Goals:

  • If your primary goal is to monetize your content through features like ad breaks and fan subscriptions, Facebook Creator Studio may be the better fit.

How to Change Meta Business Suite to Creator Studio?

Simply go to Facebook and login to your account and then switch your profile to your page you will open your page on Meta Business Suite. Now in left side scroll down to end you will see Help now belong to Help right click on small arrow icon. Now you will see Switch to Facebook Creator Studio click on it now you can manage your facebook page in old facebook creator studio.

Again you can easily switch creator studio to meta business suite with this way. Thanks you can watch below video tutorial to cahnge.

Note: You can only change this on Desktop mode and with this way you can't change on mobile device. 

In conclusion, Meta Business Suite and Facebook Creator Studio serve distinct purposes within the Meta ecosystem. Businesses and marketers looking for a centralized platform for social media management may find Meta Business Suite more suitable, while content creators may gravitate towards the diverse features and monetization opportunities offered by Facebook Creator Studio. Understanding your specific goals and audience will help you choose the platform that aligns best with your needs.

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