How to Add Payment Method on Facebook Profile

Hi welcome to rehmanweb today in this post i will show you how you can add payment method on your facebook profile keep reading this post for guide to setup payment method on facebook profle.

What is Facebook Payment Method?

Facebook payment method use for advertising on facebook to run your own ads on facebook to start sponsor a post or page you have to add payment method on your profile first.

How to Add Facebook Payment Method on Your Profile?

Go to Facebook and login to your account and then go to facebook settings & Privacy and then click on settings again. Now find Payments and click on it then a page will open Billing and Payments then click on Add payment method will see payment methods to add such as Debit or credit card, Paypal and Add credits.

Now it's your choice what type of method you want to add simply click on it and fill the form if you want to add Paypal as a payment method then click on Paypal on link your paypal account with your facebook account now you can start running ads on facebook.

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