How to Create Free Website on Blogger

How to Create Free Website on Blogger

If you want to create a free website then you come to right place read this article complete i will show you full tutorial step by step to create a website on Blogger.

What is Blogger?

Blogger is free platform everyone can create own blog in then write unique posts and also you can earn money on blogger easily.

How to Create Own Blog?

Want to create own blog on blogger simply go to then click on Sign up to create own blog log in from your Gmail account after that type your blog title and then blog URL. After creating blog then start writing unique posts.

How to Earn Money on Blogger?

It's soo simply to earn money on your blog first create your blog on after that have to write unique posts up to 25 or 30 posts. Next important thing is buy domain name for your blog such as .com .net .org .in and many more domains then link your domain to blogger.

Add your blog in Google search console then your blog posts will show on Google and you site will get unique visitors from google search. Create Pages on your blog such as About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions it's important to get Adsense approval.

How to Get Adsense Approval?

After completing all mention above then you can monetize your blog go to your blogger dashboard and then click on Earnings. After that you will see Create Adsense if you already created your Adsense account on this email you will see Connect Adsense simply click on connect Adsense account you will redirect to your Adsense account.

Then add your site in Adsense account and setup Adsense Codes on your blog then submit for approval Adsense will check your site it will take up to two weeks and you will get Adsense approval if you didn't violate Adsense Policy. Google Ads will show on your blog and you will earn money from your blog.

Thanks for reading this article if you have question in your mind then simply contact us thanks.

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