HesabPay 500AFN Payment Sent To Some Users

HesabPay 500AFN Payment Sent To Some Users

HesabPay 500AFN Payment:

HesabPay Afghanistan online money transfer, money  payments and paying bills service app sent 500AFN to some of there users for Ramazan to donate poor people in Afghanistan. If anyone received this money from HesabPay please donate poor and also if you have some extra money add your money too and give this money for donation to helps others poor.

Who Received This 500AFN Payment ?

Some of HesabPay users received this 500AFN payment. HesabPay doesn't not sent it to all users but thanks from HesabPay developer for this donation and helping poor people in Afghanistan.

Message from HesabPay

Dear Customer!
To support the needy during Ramadan, HesabPay has sent you 500 AFN. Please add as much donation as you can and then give the money to any family that you know is most in need. May Allah accept your donation and reward you infinitely in this world and the hereafter.

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