Resolved Reused Content on YouTube Monetization 2023

Resolved Reused Content on YouTube Monetization 2023

YouTube Monetization:

YouTube reused content issue on Applying to YouTube partner program how to resolve and fix this problem. When you complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours public watch time in last 12 months or 10M Short view's in last 90 day's on YouTube channel then you can earn money with your videos on YouTube channel by applying to YouTube partner program.

But sometimes when you apply for monetization YouTube team not accepted your channel monetization apply now what happened? YouTube will show you reused content.

What is YouTube Reused Content?

Reused content means videos on your channel is not your original content you are not the creator of all or some of them videos. If you think that all of the contents all of videos shorts and long on your channel is your own contents and YouTube make a mistake then you have two options to resolve this reused content.

Option 1 Make a Appeal:

Now how you can appeal to YouTube team to recheck your channel it's so simple go to YouTube Studio if you are using mobile then open any browser and then go to Then click on Earn you will see Appeal option simply click on Appeal now how to appeal to YouTube team.

You have to make a maximum 5 minutes of video in English language of your channel within 14 days showing your original content how you edit a video show a proof of your videos to YouTube team that all of the contents on your channel is your own original contents and you are the creator of all videos.

Note: Must show your channel link in appeal video in first 30 seconds.

Then upload your appeal video to your channel and keep it unlisted don't need to publish this video. When your video successfully uploaded then copy the link of the video and paste this link in your channel studio appeal section and click on submit. Now YouTube team will check your channel contents again the decision will take up to 14 days but most times it's will take 24 or 48 hour's.

You will receive an email from YouTube if your contents was original and YouTube make a mistake then your channel will monetize and will be accepted to the YouTube partner program.

Option 2 Reapply:

If your all contents was not your original then you can reapply for monetization after 1 months but you have to edit and delete your copy contents videos before reapply you will see date for reapplying.

Note: You must reached the criteria of 1K subscribers and 4K public watch hour's time to reapply.
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