How Can Smart Phones Predict Earthquakes?

How Can Smart Phones Predict Earthquakes?

On October 25, 2022, an earthquake measuring 5.1 on the Richter scale struck the Gulf of California. Fortunately, no resident of the area was killed.

The reports about the destruction of the earthquake were not important, but the importance was that many residents of the area received a message on their mobile phones before the earthquake started.

Google, in partnership with the US Geological Survey, along with academics from California universities, has started working on an earthquake warning system to warn mobile phone users (users) a few seconds before an earthquake.

It is true that the warning window will be narrow?

A few seconds of warning before an earthquake gives a person the ability to hide under a table, reduce the speed of trains, and stop airplanes from taking off and landing, and vehicles from entering bridges and tunnels. may be

Therefore, such a system can have the ability to save people during strong earthquakes.

The system uses data from two sources: it relies on the state's network of 700 systems, and Google also alerts people with Google phones about earthquakes around the world.

Android Operating System Phones:

In most smart phones that run Android operating system and Google manages it, there is an acceleration sensor, as well as step counting, but this sensor is very sensitive, which can be used to warn of earthquakes. It can also be used.

Thousands or millions of telephones analyze the collected data and warn about the occurrence and location of an earthquake.

Because radio waves travel faster than earthquake waves, this warning is received before the earthquake, especially in areas far from the epicenter.

In this regard, Mark Stogaits, an Android programming engineer, says: "We are actually in the middle of a race between the speed of light (which is sent from a mobile phone) and the speed of an earthquake. Fortunately, light is fast."

Earthquake New Technology:

This technology will help inform about the occurrence of earthquakes in remote, impoverished regions of the world.

Figures show that there are about 16 billion such mobile phones in use worldwide. Out of this number, more than three billion mobile phones have Android operating system. Similarly, the earthquake warning system is now accessible in more than 90 countries.

But this system also has drawbacks, especially in remote areas where the use of mobile phones is low, as well as the occurrence of earthquakes at sea, which may cause tsunamis.

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