Earn Crypto Money Free on Coinpayu in 2023

Earn Crypto Money Free on Coinpayu in 2023

Earn Crypto money online on coinpayu.com free best and legit website for earning in this post you will see all about coinpayu website full review so read this post complete to earn some extra money.

What is Coinpayu?

Coinpayu free world's largest crypto platform and 85% of system revenue distributed to users. Coinpayu are a team of crypto enthusiastics from all over the world. Coinpayu trying to work hard and fun at different nations and also trying to go for some mission.

How to Create Account on Coinpayu?

It's so easy and simple to register on Coinpayu simply click on Create Coinpayu Account and then type username your valid email address then click on send code you will receive a confirmation code to your email copy code from email and then type or paste the code.

Now enter your password same two times checkmark the agreement and complete the recaptcha then click on Register your account will be created successfully.

Now login with your account email and password to coinpayu and earn Satoshi with simple work view Ads such as Surf Ads, Window Ads and Article Ads.

Simply click on ads link watch up to 60 seconds and then go back you will earn some Satoshi and window ads or article ads watch ads for some seconds and earn Satoshi free.

Earn Satoshi with Offers:

Complete surveys to earn Satoshi and you will be rewarded for each survey completed. Completing surveys such as. 

  • Theoremrech
  • BitLabs
  • Pollfish.

Earn Satoshi with Offerwalls:

Each Offerwall contains more then 50 offers to complete such as.

  • Timewall
  • AyetStudios
  • Lootably
  • AdGetmedia
  • AdscendMedia
  • HangAds
  • OfferTorro
  • Monlix.

Earn Satoshi with Faucet:

Claim free Satoshi on every 60 minutes easily simply click on Claim wait for remind time seconds and claim free Satoshi.

Advertise on Coinpayu:

You can also create own advertise on Coinpayu easily click on Advertise and then click on Create New Ads and select your campaign type such as Surf Ads, Window Ads, Article Ads or Video Ads.

Now type the campaign name and the click on next and fill all required form to run your advertise campaign.

Earn with Affiliate on Coinpayu:

Affiliate is also one of the best way to earn money on Coinpayu.

  • Referral 
  • Leaderboard
  • Promo Materials
  • Market.

Referral: Advertising Affiliate recommend ads earn up to 20%. The calculation is based specially on your 20% ads sale commission. So the more ads sales the more revenue you will get easily and also the revenue is unlimited.

Promo Materials: Your personal referral link and with simple link you can easily invite advertisers and also earners.

Market: In market referral you can purchase referral in market which will bring you commission each time he earns and or makes an ads spending.

How to Withdraw from Coinpayu?

To withdraw your money from Coinpayu first you have to reach the minimum withdraw amount. Set your withdraw address go to your profile then click on Wallet to set up your wallet address for withdraw.

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