WhatsApp Message Edit New Update 2023

WhatsApp Message Edit New Update 2023

Now no need to delete WhatsApp message new feature message edit update on Whatsapp. If you sent wrong spell message on Whatsapp so now you can easily edit WhatsApp sent messages to correct without deleting.

WhatsApp App New Feature:

New and best new update on Whatsapp app now any Whatsapp user can edit message without deleting. WhatsApp announced and add this feature on 22.May.2023 for all users you have 15 minutes to edit your message.

How to Use this Feature?

If you have Android or iOS you can use this feature very easily first go to play store or app store and update your WhatsApp app if you still didn't see this feature then wait for a few days you will see and edit WhatsApp message in new update. Simply long press on sent message and then tab on "Edit" to edit or correct misspelled message. Your Edited message display "edited" with alongside your message.

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