How To Recover Android Factory Reset Data on SmartPhone

 How To Recover Android Factory Reset Data on SmartPhone

How to recover android device factory reset data?

Have you done a factory reset on your android device then if the answer is yes you may also know that performing a factory reset delete everything from your smartphone and restore it back to its original.

This means if you factory reset your smartphone you're going to lose all of your data but the good news is i that it's not difficult to recover data after you factory reset your android device.

There's a few different ways to retrieve lost files regardless of if you've been using a rooted or non-rooted smartphone so in this article we're going to show you a few working solutions ways that will help you to recover deleted files after a factory reset on your android device.

What Will Happen When Will Factory Reset Your Phone?

First let's understand what will happen when you factory reset your phone basically a factory reset will delete all your files settings and third-party apps from your device and it will restore it back to its original state in general a factory reset is performed when people want to sell their smartphone to someone else or fix a software related issue.

However many people also perform a factory reset unintentionally in this case many people ask can data be recovered after factory resetting your android device and how do you recover this lost data if you are also stuck in a similar situation don't panic as there are ways to recover the lost data even if you don't have any backups.

When you delete files from your smartphone they aren't completely wiped out instead the memory space where your files were are now marked as free this means that if you have not added any new data to your device.

You'll be able to recover it without any hassle so let's quickly walk you through the different methods to recover data after doing a factory reset on your android smartphone.

Step 1: Simple Way Recovering:

First let's try the simple way which is recovering data from a local backup if you've created local backup on your smartphone before performing a factory reset you'll be able to restore all your data easily some android phones will have a dedicated backup and restore feature.

Where you can instantly use it to restore your data from your local backup now this will only work on some devices and not all android devices are the same go to the settings app on your smartphone and scroll down and click system and updates.

Then click on backup and restore now if you are set to perform a factory reset you can enable automatic backup or restore and configure the settings in your backup files.

Once the factory reset completes head back to the backup and restore and select restore this time you can go ahead and choose the backup files and all your data will be retrieved within a couple of minutes apart from the local backup.

Step 2: Google Account Backup:

You can also restore your google account backup and recover files after doing a factory reset on your android all you have to do is configure your google drive app for automatic backups and recover them while setting up your phone after doing the factory reset.

So let's take a look at how to retrieve lost files using google drive backup and how to set up a backup as well so it doesn't happen again to backup your data to a google account.

You need to navigate to the settings app then click on google then click the backup option and enable backup to google drive once your data has successfully backed up to the google drive go ahead and perform a factory reset.

After the device is reset your device will automatically fetch all your google drive backups when you set up your device simply choose the right backup and click restore to recover all your files so that's how you can recover data.

When you have a backup file but what if you've accidentally performed a factory reset and you don't have any backups to retrieve the lost data in such a case you'll need a professional data recovery tool.

Step 3: Wondershare Recovery:

Wondershare recovery data recovery is a cross-platform recovery software that's available for both windows and mac os with recovery you can retrieve lost files from every storage device be your sd card external hard drive or even a traditional dvd it supports over a thousand file formats which means you'll be able to recover.

Almost every deleted file using recover it if you've also ended up formatting the sd card while performing a factory reset simply install wondershare recovery on your pc and follow these easy steps to get your files back.

Luunch recovery and select the sd card as the target location you want to scan for deleted files then click start recovery will start scanning the sd card for deleted files and once the process completes it will list all the scanner

Files on the screen browse through the list of files and select the files that you want to get back at this point you can either click preview to check out the files or directly tap the recover button to directly store them on your computer.

That's how you can recover data after doing a factory reset on your android device with the sd card using recovery please note recover it data recovery tool allows you to recover data after factory resetting your android to do so you will be required to connect your sdvcard to your windows or mac system recover it cannot recover data from your android phone without the SD card lastly the final method to recover deleted files on your android.


 Step 4: Android Data Recovery Tools:

Android data recovery tools in this case using an android data recovery tool can directly restore your lost data from the android device but you will need to root your android device in advance you can find a variety of applications on the google play store.

As well as for your mac or windows computer that will help you restore the files from your smartphone easily while looking for these applications however make sure to check out the customer reviews.
Thanks for reading this article hope you will recover your reset Android data.

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