How To Change Facebook Profile Name Before 60 Days 2023

How To Change Facebook Profile Name Before 60 Days 2023

I will show you in this article 8 steps complete tutorial how to change your facebook name without waiting 60 days. First go to your Facebook Settings after go to name changing section so if changed your facebook name once in 60 days you can't change it again before 60 days so now I'm showing a simple trick to change it again before 2 months of time.

Steps To Change Facebook Name:

Step 1:
Facebook Name Change Step 1

First you have to add a nickname then enter your new name as your nickname then take show in top of profile then your name will be like this your old name and after that your new nickname.

Step 2:

Facebook Name Change Step 2

Here you have to enter your nickname.

Step 3:
Facebook Name Change Step 3
After that select Show at the of profile and then click on Save.

Step 4:
Facebook Name Change Step 4

Let's go back to your profile now you have successfully add your new nickname then you have to take a screenshot of your profile.


Step 5:

Facebook Name Change Step 5

Then again let's go to name changing section then click on Learn more.

Step 6:

Facebook Name Change Step 6

Then you have to click on find out whay.

Step 7:

Facebook Name Change Step 7

After click on fill out this form and Fill a form to confirm to name change here.

Step 8:

Facebook Name Change Step 8

First you have to add the screenshot you capture from your profile then you have to find a reason i highly recommend you to provide this reason Change in Marital Status.

Then you enter your new email after filling this form and tap send here the form has been sent now you have to wait some time for facebook review after that you will receive there is a notification it says your name has been changed let's go and check it yeah that's my new name successfuly Changed.

I hope you will change your facebook account name before 60 days with the help of this article. Thanks for reading our post.

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