How to Earn Money Online on Internet in 2023

How to Earn Money Online on Internet in 2023

Is it Real to Earn Money from Internet?

Most people thinking now a days that it's not possible to earn money from internet or it's only joking but they are wrong. it's 100% possible to earn money from internet now a days most of working are doing online. But those who seen the world know online internet working best educated people are fully know about how to make money online from internet and they also earn a lot of money from internet.

So it's 100% true that we can earn money from internet there are most websites and companies are earning billions of dollars from internet and a lot of people are working freelance with these websites and they are also earning dollars from websites.

Now in this post i will show only Youtube how to earn money from youtube and Blogger but you can read my other posts and you will learn more earnings ways.

What is Youtube?

Youtube is a most popular website everyone know about Youtube. And it's a video sharing platform anyone can create account and channel in youtube then upload a videos. So we are talking about earning online how we can earn money from Youtube and how to create account on Youtube.

How to Create account on Youtube?

Creating Youtube account is so simple and easy first you have to create Gmail account. Then go to and click on sign in after that you will see option to type a name for Youtube channel then your account and youtube channel will be created.

Then create profile logo and channel banner photo for your channel and then go your youtube studio for some important settings for your channel click on settings then General and add your channel keywords tags and more settings. Then start uploading your videos but keep in mind never upload other creator content to your channel only upload your own videos to your channel because Youtube Copyright policy is so strong and never allow anyone to upload any other content.

Also do not use other music on your videos then your video will get a copyright claim. You can use a free music without copyright in your channel dashboard.

Note: Create unique and best videos create videos on searchable topics you will get more views and subscribers automatically your channel will grow on Youtube.

How to Earn Money on Youtube?

You will earn money on Youtube after when your channel get monetized when and how you can monetize your channel. First you have to complete Youtube Criteria 1000 Subscribers and 4000 public watch hours time and last 12 months or 10 Millions short views in last 90 days then you can Apply for Youtube partner Program and when your channel accepted into the youtube partner program you will earn money on youtube from your videos.

How to Earn Money on Blogger?

Blogger is also best and easiest way to earn money online create a new blog with a few simple steps then write unique posts add your blog on google search console to rink on google search. Then connect your blog with Adsense account after Adsense approval you will earn from your blogger website for more info read this post how to create a free blogger website.

If you learn from this post share with your friends and if you have any question feel free to contact us any time.

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