Best Earning App ClipClaps Review Fast Money Watching Videos

Best Earning App ClipClaps Review Fast Money Watching Videos

ClipClaps Review

Is ClipClaps really a fast way to make money watching videos from your phone or
is it a waste of time? I tested this ad but a lot of people have asked me about an  update about it. And it is one of the most popular apps to earn by watching videos. So I decided to give it a second chance. And in this ClipClaps review I will give you an inside look and show how it works now and my opinion about whether you should  use this as a method to earn or not.

Who can join

Who can join and ClipClaps is an app you can download both for iOS devices and Android devices and you can join it from more or less all countries. But first download ClipClaps app Playstore or Appstore now then log into the app and then I can show you how it works, how you can earn and of course we'll talk about  the value for your time so you can find out if you should even consider downloading it.

How it works

Easy to get started with. There are also some confusing things as you will see when we go over the earning methods but basically you just scroll and then you will earn you see there's a bar down here below there, and once it fills up then you will earn basically just by scrolling, watching different videos there. And how fast it goes that depends it resets usually once a day or so. So at first you earn a lot faster the rewards down here. And we'll talk about what you can do with this rewards and all this later.

But that's basically how you earn by watching  videos and many of these uh most of them are uploaded by other members. You can also earn by uploading your own videos if people like them and engage with them and things like that you can earn more. That's a main way and that's what it's known for that you earn by doing but it also has other ways to earn and it has introduced more methods since I first tested it a few years ago.

So let's go over what else it offers now before we talk about the value for your time here. So if you go to the new earning methods rewards section there are different ways to earn. For example spin here, you can do some different offers, you can do some raffle different options. And you know if i just show you for example this one the spin so  basically what I need to do is just click it here and then spin, and you get some chances like this every day there and then I just have to wait and then we see and I won 10 cents.

So this is one where you can earn quite well but you know you have to be lucky also you won't always earn and these Mega spin. You see this one the mega spin is only available once a week or so. So you won't earn a lot like that then they also have the Lucky Spin there it's another Spin and this one you see I you get one free Lucky Spin every five hours. But you also earn significantly less there's not like any cash there's different points or coins and these treasure chests there you can win also. We'll go over what you can do with them later. So when I have one less there then it will just fill up in five hours there. But that that's another way to earn and that can be worth considering if you're using the other ones here.

You know it doesn't give great value for your time in my opinion you also have down here you see there's some other daily tasks where you can get some bonuses if you for example watch videos there for one minute and then you get a bonus and and different other clap coins you can do by inviting friends and things like that. So there's quite a few different ways to earn now and they have introduced more. It can however become a little bit confusing and I think  that might be a part of the plan to be honest. I will tell a little bit more about that next when we will talk about the payment methods you get and the payment methods it has and the rewards you can exchange in here. So when you earn in here, you earn overview of treasure chests sometimes Treasure Chest you saw that some of the  spins can earn you that sometimes you also earn coins.

And then you can get these treasure chests and if we just check you see first up here you see there are coins you earn the coins can be used for different things. You can for example buy these different treasure chests and then you can get different rewards for that. But you can also actually taking out as cash, we'll go over that in just a second if you can get paid like that. But the treasure chests here are a big part of it because you will get many of those and then you can open them. So let's see for example this one this gold one there I can open and and the different colors give different types of rewards, When you click screen and you see some of them have like different rewards. There's 16 coins, another 19 coins there, I get some raffle tickets. They have all these different kind of rewards so it can be a little bit confusing.

I have more of these treasure chests so I can open more. Raffle tickets and some more clap coins. And this is then just an overview of what you got in this chest. And this is basically how the issue then open them but you just get coins so what can you do with those instead of just getting more Treasure Chest because then it kind of does make sense and what can you do with these raffle tickets. Let's start by going over the raffle tickets before going over these coins and how you can actually get paid in cash.

What Can You Do With Raffle Tickets?

So the raffle tickets you win from these different treasure chests you can access them there and then you can see I have different options. Like here for example this one where I can win ten dollars, I have 17 out of 20 before I can participate and  you see all these other ones. But this one where i can win $10 cash I actually have enough. So when you click that to play it. And then we'll just wait and then scratch one time and what I scratch is then the reward you would get.

But at least you will got some cash so that's fine. But then now you don't have any more of these. ClipClaps can be a way to earn by watching videos and doing other small tasks and it is one of the more popular one because it can be fun. But it's also very distracting in my opinion. If you're looking for an effective way to earn, ClipClaps is not an effective way in general you will not earn a lot by watching videos. But I do have a  list on my website about my top recommended sites to earn by watching videos.

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